Friday, 26 May 2017

Anti Glare & Anti Refective Film For Outdoor TV

Aqualite has launched a new anti glare and anti reflective film for use on outdoor TVs, display panels and digital signs.

Kim Menen CEO of Aqualite said ‘Whilst the AquaLite range of screens has 4 AR coatings on each side of the toughened glass, there is still an element of glare when watching TV in bright sunshine or day light.

Outdoor environments can sometimes be especially bright and sunlight can cause unwanted reflections. This anti glare film gives the clearest daylight readable  & sunlight readable TV images’

Specially developed for AquaLite the AQAR Film (AquaLite Anti Reflective Film) is easy to apply, 0.006mm thin, & reduces glare by an incredible 65%. All this as well as having anti scratch properties along with leaving no residue if removed & then re-used.

Follow the link for more info on anti glare & anti refective film for outdoor TV

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Big Screen Outdoor LED TV Billboards – 74”, 100” & 136”

Due to growing demand for LARGER Outdoor screens, Aqualite Outdoor has now introduced a range of Big Screen Outdoor IP66 LED Digital Displays.

After around the 65” LCD panels become expensive to manufacture as the demand is much less than the common 22”- 65” that almost everyone has in their living room these days.

Therefore it makes sense to address this gap in the market as many customers & businesses have the need for size but not at the cost that goes with it.  Below is some information that will give you an idea of budget costs along with sizes & what else is required with your LED purchase.

Follow the link for more info on the Aqualite range of big screen LED TV billboards