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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

HTC Phones - Mobile, Outdoor, Marketing Solutions

Mayflower International recently played an integral part in the launch of HTCs latest ŒOne¹ mobile phone in the UK. Working alongside Special Event Services (SES), who specialise in custom finished coaches, Mayflower were contracted to supply and fit the Audio Visual and IT equipment on the coach which was to tour the UK promoting the launch of the new HTC phone.

Sachin Maru of Mayflower designed and managed the installation explains ' HTC needed a high impact mobile marketing solution that demanded attention and were particularly keen to show-off the audio aspects of the new phone, so we installed suitable audio systems on the coach for this purpose. In addition, Mayflower installed a number 32² touch-screen LCDs and the PCs to power them, so the public could interact with them. '

Mayflower are residential and commercial AV consultants designing, installing and managing the very best high end audio TV & AV equipment in prestigious hotels, executive offices, luxury homes and super yachts.

Mayflower AV also supply and install outdoor digital signage and outside advertising display screens.

'Standard tv display monitors were also fitted and configured by Mayflower, as well Aqualite Outdoor weatherproof tv monitors mounted on the outside of the coach,' Sachin continued. 'Once we had finished installing the systems the coach was then ready to tour the UK and Europe to promote the new mobile phone'

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Outdoor Display Panels & TV Screens

Aqualite's LED outdoor display panels are ideal for permanent or temporary installations where bright, vivid images are required. They are typically the only display screen that will survive the harsh outdoor ambient light conditions.

Available for use indoors and outdoors, such as concerts, sporting events, TV shows, fashion shows, exhibitions and conventions and are also ideal for advertising, marketing & promotions.

Available in various sizes and designs to meet nearly every digital advertising & signage application, the Aqualite outdoor display panels and TV screens are guaranteed for up to 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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